Why You Need an Employee Social Media Policy

When you have a brand with a digital presence, of course, social media comes into play. In most cases, as your business grows, you will indeed need to start hiring a team. This team is composed of people you cut a check to better known as your employees. So now that we’re here, you think of your brand as your baby and often more than not, your employees as family. Think about how you’d like family members to represent you in the public eye. We wouldn’t want them embarrassing us, right?

We live in the time where cancel culture for any person of a brand is just a few tweets and clicks away. In February, BET’s main Twitter account manager tweeted and deleted shade towards Nicki Minaj after Cardi B’s Grammy win. This is why when you want your business to be portrayed a certain way, you establish social media guidelines for your employees. You don’t want them to say anything outlandish, egregious or offensive and the affiliation comes back to you or your brand.

There are also benefits of having a social media policy. Your employees will have the opportunity to be proud of where they work and spread the word about how great your brand and organization is. You can use the social media guideline policy to spread the word in the best way.

 Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider a social media policy.

1. Your reputation can be damaged quicker than you can imagine.  

Word of mouth online is way faster than it is offline. One irresponsible or even worst enraged employee can simply say the wrong thing and your brand is responsible for damage control. A binding written agreement about what’s wrong and what’s right as an affiliate of your organization can help prevent social media blunders. Whenever someone does something wild online that offends people, more than likely they will bring it to your attention to see what will YOU do about it.

2. Data Security and Privacy Protection

Just another measure of making sure all your ducks are in a row. You want to guarantee that your employees are not giving away secure data and passwords from your organization online. In an unfortunate instance, your login credentials or any other confidential company information can be put at risk if your employees are careless on social media.

 3. Brand Advocacy through Employees

According to a Nielsen Report, 80% of online consumers trust the opinion of their friends and family over a company’s advertisement.   This is a great opportunity to reward your employees for positive brand advocacy online. You want people to love where they work anyway so it should be easy for them to praise your brand online as an affiliate.

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