Social Media Policy

Benefits of an Employee Social Media Policy

When you have a brand with a digital presence, of course, social media comes into play. In most cases, as your business grows, you will indeed need to start hiring a team. This team is composed of people you cut a check to better known as your employees. So now that we’re here, you think… Continue reading Benefits of an Employee Social Media Policy

Branding, Remote Work

Why Email Lists Still Matter

Keeping your clients updated with your business is vital for growth and new customer acquisitions. Whether your business is online, brick-and-mortar or both, email lists are an important tool for keeping your customers in the loop with whatever you have going on. I know at times, most of us think and feel like no one… Continue reading Why Email Lists Still Matter


Five Personal Branding Tips for Business

Every entrepreneur shares the common goal of leaving lasting and meaningful impressions on prospective customers. Having a winsome personality will set the tone of what values your business represents. Consequently, your personal branding is highly crucial to how your professional brand is perceived to the masses. Check out these personal branding tips to support your… Continue reading Five Personal Branding Tips for Business