Three Benefits of Remote Work in Business

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Managing successful employees without them being in the office has been viewed as a great benefit to employers the past few years. Some people may believe that working from home means kicking your feet up and doing less work, however, productivity increases and goals are definitely met with remote work.

The number of advantages of remote employees in business grows each year. Employees also gain a great amount of self-sufficiency and experience from the flexibility of a remote position. According to a study at TLNT, remote employees are 50% less likely to quit than their in-office counterparts. Take a look at three reasons businesses can benefit from remote work.

  1. Increased Productivity – With optimal advances in technology, employees now are able to execute a variety of jobs from the comfort of their home. If the employees are in a more comfortable environment with low-stress levels, they will be happier and motivated to work harder in their positions. According to Fast Company, happier employees are at least 12% more productive at work.
  2.  Office Expense Reduction – Having employee perks like a fully-stocked kitchen,the top-standard of office supplies and that beloved ping pong table sounds amazing and cool but can also add up to be quite expensive. Having remote employees will save you money because you won’t have to manage the monthly expense of creating “just like home” conditions in the workplace. Saving the money you would spend on creating that cool and trendy office environment leaves more for being able to pay for awesome and effective services from your remote employees. Trust me, your business won’t fail if it doesn’t have that fancy electric fireplace in the office for employees to admire
  3. Employee Accessibility – Traffic and bad weather are inevitable at times for businesses. When your employees can’t come into the office on time or at all, goals aren’t met for the day or week. With remote workers, the day starts when they sit at their workspace. No worries about who can’t clock in on time because they will already be at the “office”. Remote work also means that you won’t have to be limited to just the local employees in your city. Allowing employees to work from anywhere also means you’ll have broader access to the most talented and qualified professionals for your business.

Having remote employees have advantages that often get overlooked. If you are looking to have a remote virtual assistant for your business, contact The Gold 88 for sufficient results for your brand online.

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