Do Email Lists Still Matter?

Keeping your clients updated with your business is vital for growth and new customer acquisitions. Whether your business is online, brick-and-mortar or both, email lists are an important tool for keeping your customers in the loop with whatever you have going on.


I know at times, most of us think and feel like no one sees our emails in the huge sea of online marketing but don’t underestimate the connections you can build via an email relationship. Email marketing is also a great way to gain new customer reach for conversions as well. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is a “must” for businesses.

Humanizing Your Brand: Having a consistent relationship with your clients is important for customer loyalty. By using an automated subscription email marketing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you will be able to reach out and address your customers by their first name. According to a study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, personalized emails using the recipient’s first name will increase the chances of the email being opened and read by 20%. Opened emails will then increase the chances of a customer click-through thus resulting in the possibility of conversions and greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Keeping Your Customers In the Loop: Checking in with your customers, whether out-of-town or local, is not always as easy as it seems in today’s online world. Email newsletters are still an effective way to let your customers know about great accolades gained within the company, exclusive sales, and discounts or new products and services offered. Even when your business is in its slow season of the year, email lists are still an awesome opportunity to let your customers know you still exists and how they can prep for the upcoming season.

Exclusive Customer Incentives: Everyone deserves to feel special and an example of great customer service is showing the customer that you care. Customer loyalty is important to companies so whenever a customer has a birthday coming up, it is a great idea to offer discounts or incentives as gifts to that customer. You can also offer discounts to celebrate other holidays like the New Year; this will help build a relationship between your brand and your customer that will let them know how much you appreciate them as well as their business.

Keeping up with an email list can be a busy task you can’t always get to when running a business.  Work with The Gold 88 to keep your loyal and potential customers in the loop via email. Packages and weekly payment plans are available!

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